Product Testing.

Product testing during my work placement with ISC.

Product testing a Descender Device in Snowdonia during my work placement with ISC, summer 2013.


Graphic Design and Publishing Editing, ‘My Picture Book’ Art Book.

During the last couple of weeks I’ve been working on compiling and editing images of my fathers paintings, drawings and sculptures. The aim of this project was to produce a book compiling the lifetimes work of an artist (to date). Having complied over one-thousand photographs, my father and I edited down to seven-hundred and thirty-two images in fourteen chapters. As well as editing the images to printing quality, I was also in charge of layout and graphic design as well. This project was fun and rewarding. We were able to publish the book online at and we were also successful in an application to publish digitally with Apple iBooks.

The book can be purchased here on, where a sample is also availbale. Alternatively it can be downloaded here from iBooks, here.