Primary Research: Cranes in Cardiff.

Today, my BSc module project partner and I went to do some primary research. Of the two styles of cranes we went to view, this design is the more commonly seen due to its use in the construction trade. A number of the features we discussed while undertaking the research were:
– The use of a triangular prism frame, or ‘Toblerone’ shape frame as we preferred to call it, for the crane arm.
– The location of pivot points to minimise stress, and to require the minimum number of motors to produce the same number of movements as other designs.
– The scale, and whether our crane has to be so tall for it’s required use.
– The use of repeating frame units and crossbars for support.
– The requirements for counterbalancing.


One Comment on “Primary Research: Cranes in Cardiff.”

  1. One of the world’s biggest cranes, the Liebherr MTC 78000, goes to work offshore, heavy lifting items for construction of offshore oil and gas rigs.

    Check out this Video

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