Play and Creativity Recycling Project: An old proverb and a few thoughts…

For our Play and Creativity module we will be producing a piece of design on the theme ‘Recycling’, while considering the topic and discussing it with a few fellow art and design students, we came to the topic of education, and how the ideas of recycling, and the ethics of recycling, rely heavily on the education and understanding of both why we recycle and how we recycle. It was at this stage that a proverb came to mind:
‘Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.’
I considered how this point might be translated and associated with my project, and came up with the following idea:
‘Offer a man one item made of recycled material, and give him one new product. Offer him a means of recycling, and you give him the resource to recycle’.
On reflection of this, I am now deciding on which if the two paths to follow:
A) A path whereby I will choose a material, or product, which is recyclable and design a product which can be made from the material(s).
B) A path which allows me to design something which encourages, or allows something to be recycled and in doing so educates the user.


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