Personal Rain Cover Design and User Testing…

This morning, my project partner and I, Huw, started by looking at the components we collected and sorted yesterday in more detail. We were most keen to work with the polyester fabric, and within only a few minutes we came up with a very simple personal rain cover. The concept was based on a poncho, and we made use of the toggles on the umbrella cover to tie to the belt loops.


We explored the potential of our design by taking it in turns videoing each other wearing the product, each time we treated the process as a comical sketch or Dragons Den style pitch, each asking questions to the other. The videos allowed us to document our ideas quickly and easily, and gave a small sense of presentation pressure which seemed to be quite effective in making us think laterally about the development.

In the afternoon we conducted user tests, giving out three of the fabric pieces to friends. Huw and I also wore umbrellas around our waist for the day, to see how comfortable the design was on the waist when not in use. I proceeded to observe two of the user tests, which involved the users wearing the rain covers on a half an hour walk through a rainy and windy Cardiff. Although to an extent the designs offered some protection from the rain, it was clear from observation that the design was not suitable for highly windy conditions.


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