Tutorial and Developing with Fellow Students…

Today, Huw and I, had a tutorial with Gareth and Bethan. We showed them an example of the resource we’d been collecting, along with the personal Rain Cover we designed yesterday. The discussion was very positive and we were both encouraged by their reactions, a relief considering we had approached this design process very differently to how we both usually do. Bethan advised us that we should consider how we might give added value to the designs in order to make them more commercial. A suggestion was made that we could develop a brand of fun waterproof coats and hats with the theme of superheros, aimed at adults, which I thought had potential. Interestingly, I think I was most inspired by listening to the tutorial of another Play and Creativity student. She was told to focus on designing what she was passionate about and was advised to consider choosing a material and putting together a collection, or book, to guide others in making things from the recycled material. I felt that this would be something we could also consider, as it appears umbrellas seem to be among the most commonly available disposed product at this time of year.

After the session, we worked on developing the rain cover, this time choosing to take a hands off approach by allowing other students to play with the materials and choose the ways in which to interact with the material. The results proved interesting and can be seen below.


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