Waterproof Bag Cover Concept

Huw developed this idea, and it appears to be among our more succesful, he continues to use it and it has been effective in keeping his laptop and notes dry on days of bad weather.

Huw Hopkins

An idea I had before going to bed was to make a waterproof bad cover out of the top of an umbrella; making the most of its waterproof properties. I simply tied two of the toggled edges (used to fasten the metal to the fabric) onto the straps of my bag at the bottom and tied two together around the middle, meaning it was permanently fixed to my bag but still movable. The best this about this design was the fact that i could use the strap that would have held the material together on an umbrella to hold the waterproof cover neatly when not in use. It is a quick and easy system that allows me to protect my bag and its contents from water damage. i feel that when on my bike it is better than an existing cover I have because it does not flap around as…

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