Fashion Design, Recycled Chic…

This evening, while listening to some music and relaxing, I looked again at the patterns on the fabrics of the umbrellas. In particular, some of the smaller umbrellas, which are often marketed to women as they fit easily into handbags, had stylish and fashionable patterns. Two in particular caught my eye, with these I proceeded to attempt to make womens skirts. With the first (red design with the polka dots) I miscalculated the size of the hole I needed to cut, at first I thought I’d ruined the piece, but upon folding the circular piece inwards it presented itself in a flower like layered cone. I then decided to sew a black circle inside the cone and some green embellishment on the outside. Instantly I related it to the commemorative poppy, and remembering that it is the centenary of the start of the first world war this year, I thought this might be a nice product to commercialise to raise money for the poppy appeal.

I then continued, developing the waterproof skirt design I had initially set out to produce. Upon testing the product, it was clear that I needed to add a small piece of velcro to allow a larger opening for the user to put the skirt on. The natural flared shape of the umbrella gave the skirt a fantastic voluminous look, with elements of retro chic. To develop the design further, I might embellish with some of the flowers created above, another umbrella to line, and possibly some recycled elastic for comfort on the waistline.


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