Kite Designing and Testing…

Today me and Huw focused on designing our own kites. We approached the process from the same playful angle which we had for our other designs, but this time a lack of research proved to be our undoing. Over two hours, I attempted to design a Stunt Kite (blue), while Huw designed a Power Kite (red) similar to the style used by kitesurfers. Despite ending up with two products which appeared relatively good, neither was effective in taking flight upon testing. Even after making minor tweaks to the designs, it seemed they were simply not going to take to the air. Instead of spending more time developing them further, we decided to return in doors and do what we should have done in the first place; research. Very quickly it became apparent that we would be much better focusing on a simple structured kite, with minimal frame and a single cord. Working together this time, we put together a simple Sled kite with a PVC umbrella cover and four of the aluminium umbrella arms. On testing, the kite appeared to show promise. We copied the design again, this time in the more common polyester material, this time we used one fewer frame component, and the design was lighter. On testing the kite flew for a few exciting seconds, we were certain that with more wind and better weather conditions the kite would take real flight.


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