‘BBC Horizon: How You Really Make Decisions.’ And Application to Design…

Tonight I watched a BBC Horizon programme on the topic of decision making. I think this ties in particularly well with what was discussed in my latest lecture (see previous post), in particular the ‘Gettier problem’. I think the perceptions of people and their true interaction with the world is what is most noticeable from observing this research. As far as what can be taken from the programme for my own practice, I would look further into the idea that people believe ‘justified true belief’ to be knowledge. If people don’t always know how to make reasoned and logical decisions, and at the same time don’t know that they are making incorrect or illogical decisions, how is the designer supposed to research and understand the user? Should the designer make allowances for the users errors? Or should they attempt to put them correct and find a way which best prevents them making as many errors in decision making? Equally, how do you design products for users who aren’t able to make logical decisions? What does this also mean to the designer about their decision making abilities?

Watch the episode here.


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