Meeting One with ‘Surprise Me’ Project Partner: In The Beginning…

Today I had my first meeting with a BA Fine Art student, Sean, who has agreed to work with me on this project. We talked at length, first covering the topics discussed in the ‘Surprise Me’ lectures and my morning tutorial (he has his scheduled for Thursday). We then went on to discuss our own practices and how we would like to approach the project. We agreed that it would be good to start with some research and reading. After a couple of hours, we agreed that we would like to aim to produce more than one final piece. Our aim is to try to represent the narrative of asthma. We would are keen to convey the relationship between asthma and the people who suffer from it, and improve the awareness of the rest of society who do not. We also want to produce a therapeutic approach, which might be an installation, or video, to benefit those who suffer from the condition, during an asthma attack. Another of our ideas is to design a new inhaler, which is significantly different to current varieties, and solves some of the issues the others might have.  We also discussed:

– What asthma is in basic terms.

– Most common treatments.

– Current medical products and designers.

– Approaches to designing and product design orthodoxies, and fine art practice.

– Materials, including; ceramics, textiles, wood.

– Biomimicry and Fractals.

– Therapeutic approaches to asthma, and art therapy.

– Zoetropes and Thaumatropes.

– Installations and potential scales for a piece.

– The need to produce a questionnaire.


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