Tutorial: Asthma Inhalers, Parallel Universes and 3D Graphics.

This morning I had my tutorial with Steve Thompson and two fellow students, who study Graphic Design and illustration. During the hour long session:
– We discussed the work of a designer, and how this must be inspired and underpinned by either; 1) a repeating and recognisable style, or; 2) a philosophical belief system. It is this that the client really pays for, and it is this which keeps a designer working during tougher days when ideas are hard to come by.
– We discussed parallel universes and mathematical theories, including quadratic shapes and fractals, and the Klein bottle structure.
– We applied each other’s ideas to our own projects, this included considering the paper folded models I’d produced, to the 3D graphic design idea developed by another student.
– We did a twenty minute exercise where we swapped projects and produced ideas for each other’s projects, I suggested the graphic designer could consider making his 3D graphic into interactive products, such as seats which protrude from the wall, or integrate the real products which they might advertise into the graphics. For the illustrator’s project, I suggested he consider what his work might look like if it were to be ‘spaghettified’ by worm holes. The ideas they came up with for my project included: jewellery, public inhalers, family air looms, phone chargers inhalers, pocket monsters, photons and bosons.


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