Surprise Me: Installations and Collaborations…

Having produced a design for the inhaler yesterday, I met up with Sean to work on creating some larger scale models which could represent the installation. Our idea at this stage was to develop one shape which would be suitable for both a jewellery piece, and also as a building. We both agreed that the structure was striking and interesting enough to be effective, but neither of us were sure how we might go about making the installation worthwhile. At this stage we weren’t even sure how the building would function, would it be used purely as a presentation piece for educating society about asthma and other medical conditions? Could it be used as a medical facility providing advice and emergency care? Having produced several card mock-ups, we talked about how we might go about decorating the installation. From a technical perspective, I tried to consider the manufacturing of the design, realising that the structure could be made from a steel frame and panels of either fabric or a more rigid material. It might even be flat packed, being transported and erected as a moving display around the country, or even the entire world. Sean decided that he would need more time to research the idea at this stage, and consider what could be applied to either the interior or exterior of the structure to make it effective. Upon returning from research, it became apparent that the direction of the project had moved too far away from where he had envisaged the project might go. We acknowledged that together we had produced some interesting ideas, and some good research. We also agreed that the work we had produced to date was worthy of consideration and could inform us of our next steps, however we agreed at this stage it would be within both of our best interests to continue by working alone for the remaining period, while potentially meeting occasionally to discuss our progress. Sean was keen to explore the more hypnotic and psychological potential of the project, while I wanted to focus more on the structure and products. I think together we had worked very well to produce a good foundation.

This evening I considered the installation again. I think this topic is something I would like to discuss with Theo in my next tutorial. From my perspective, I think I would like to produce not only a product and installation, but a brand, with the goal of changing global perspectives on some of the most common medical conditions. This is something I want to explore in more detail.


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