Orangebox Design Development Stages…

During my design process for the Orangebox furniture project, I developed the design in several directions, with emphasis on different issues. These developments came about through consideration of appearance, ecological factors and ease and cost of manufacture. This series of images show the different stages of development of my design.

My design developed most radically between stage two and three, this coincided with the Field module term. I believe that my design approach developed in a number of ways during this period of time. During the play and Creativity module I undertook a recycling project, I believe this opened me up to the potential of recycled materials. I believe that over this time I have become more perceptive to the issues of sustainability and the need for a global shift in use of resources. If it is possible to use recycled materials, or to design in a way which makes the product recyclable, then this is of paramount importance. My ‘Surprise Me’ module opened me up to these considerations. As I reduced the number of components used to create an asthma inhaler, fourfold. Over the period of this year I believe my passions in design have developed in the direction of better understanding in utilising eco-friendly materials, simple manufacturing processes and the minimum number of components.





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