Estimated Material Costings For OrangeBox ‘Akimbo’ Chair and Desk Unit…


£43.98 – Kunin 100% Recycled Felt, 914mm Wide x 18280mm

£43.98/ 10 chairs =


Bamboo Plywood:

£123.88 – Bamboo Panel in Natural Vertical 19mm-3 Ply Cross Laminated (FSC) approved

One panel per desk + one panel per chair = 2 panels per unit.

£123.88  x  2=


Wool cushion:

Closest estimate for production = Treffriw Woolen Mill, Large Tapestry Cushion Cover. 460mm x 460mm + Feather filler.



Material Cost (excluding machining) = £291.16 per unit.

Felt source.

Wool cushion source.

Bamboo source.


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