3rd Year Product Design, First Subject Tutorial…

Today I had my first product design tutorial with my tutor; Beth, and my tutorial group. I chose the tutorial group ‘Right’ as I believe strongly that design should be a tool for considering lots of things, not just producing renewed design concepts, but using design thinking to improve experiences, systems, processes. and products. The session was run with each person taking a turn to present their initial ideas for issues they’d like to design for, the rest of the group then offered ideas and opinions to support or enrich the discussion. I felt the system was very effective and the informal mood benefited creativity. I was pleased that I managed to contribute at least one supportive comment to each of my peers and I enjoyed presenting my own ideas. I felt my ideas were positively received and the advice I gained was very valuable, I now plan to produce an outline brief and look into primary research. I plan to produce a questionnaire for my target audience and target them (confidentially) on social media. Beth suggested I consider getting in touch with companies to collaborate with, and I am currently waiting to hear back from a doctor I have had research discussions with during the summer, which could lead to some connections in industry. Overall my first tutorial was very positive.


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