Asthma Project: The Work I’ve Completed This Week…

During the last week I have undertaken the following work:

– Prepared a Gantt chart for time management.

– Created a Product Design Process to follow for my project.

– Written up an Outline Brief to establish a start point.

Secondary Research

– Produced mood boards including one for existing inhalers and one for existing peak flow devices.

– Produced a User Persona board.

– Completed a fact video about asthma in the UK.

– Read numerous research papers.

– Watched BBC Horizon’s Allergies: Modern Life and Me

Primary Research

– Produced a survey and posted it to specific asthma pages on social networking websites. I have received 80 responses within three days and put this together as an informative info-graphic.

– Reverse engineered one variety of inhaler with a plan to reverse engineer another couple of varieties in the coming days.

– Analysed and summarised notes taken from discussions with a GP about asthma care and treatment.

– Considered some very basic idea conceptualisation, although further research is required before taking this stage any further.

The work I aim to complete in the coming days is:

– Continue primary research, produce a pro-forma for an ‘asthma diary’ to give to my target market, and establish some connections to maintain a diary for a week or two.

– Analyse the results from my survey to draw some conclusions on asthma treatment and living with the condition.

– Put together a presentation of my work to date in preparation for my first presentation next Monday.

– Undertake more reverse engineering to better understand how asthma is currently being treated.


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