Notes from Mondays tutorial…

– Would the information feedback on compliance be useful to a asthma clinic nurse or a doctor?

– Are tracking systems going to be monitored by medical staff? Do they have time?

– Tracking diabetes – GP’s access to files.

– sketch out systems based on the answers from the survey.

– Pricing, must be made for 3 times less than sale price. NHS are still paying for it.

– How does the prescription system work? Who chooses the medicine available for dispensing? Is this device an extra that is bought by the user? Or is it supplied by a GP or pharmacy?

– How long is this device expected to be used for?

– What materials might be used for this? hygiene? How precious it is.

– Fear v Encouragement – Intrinsic motivation, behavioural psychology, case studies.

– Speak to a psychologist.

– Consider adverts – shock v idealisation.

– Participatory design might make people comply better.

– Collapsible forms for Spacers ‘Collapsibles’ book, inflatables? Space saving, cooking equipment.

– Oxygen in blood (oximeter) relating to asthma, is there a correlation.

– Moodboard – ‘other devices which keep track of information and send information out’.

– Best way to get medicine into the body? Is it the inhaler?

– Less likely to be in habit at 16 to 30? More vulnerable?

– A flat form – Cardboard or putting value back into it, such as bamboo or leather.

– Promoting recycling the device, or keeping it for longer.

– Don’t get single track minded about the device being electronic.


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