DISSERATION: Primary Experiment

I now have all the materials I need for my primary research experiment. I have been playing with the ideas of what I want to attempt to produce for a while. Realistically, I am skeptical as to whether it will be possible to produce anything substantial. There are a series of images of products in the book I have been reading, by E.S. Stevens. I think the easiest method for production will be to use plastic film forming methods, and then to use the film produced to make a flexible plastic product. I’ve settled on the idea of producing a bag, as this is not restricted by scale. If I am only capable for producing a single sheet of material of around A4 or A5 scale, then it will still be possible to fold the material into a bag suitable for holding a phone or something of a similar scale. I am uncertain of the true properties of the material I will be producing, the descriptions within the book are fairly vague. I hope that this element of the project will inject some depth and highlight my passion for the subject.


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