Field module: The Exhibition…

As part of our ‘Field’ module this term, we have been tasked with designing our summer exhibition. This will form part of our ‘Field’ module assessment. The thought behind this is that we will be the firsts year to graduate from the ‘new course’ since it was rejigged. We are also the first year to graduate in the new building. From the presentations we’ve been shown by tutors, it would seem that the perception of design shows from previous years is that they were too flat and rigid, using mainly tall white boards to present 2D design information and plinths to display models. I get the feeling that they want this year to go off with a bang and signal to the world that things are changing within the art school.

We were encouraged to assemble into teams to produce our ideas. I believe the team I am art of is strong and has a good mixture of skills. Our early ideas focused on the issues of displaying the great variety of work within the year. The biggest issue to deal with, it seem, is that people have different requirements for space, environment, deliverables, and lighting.


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