Exhibition: A Few Ideas

Here are a handful of the many rough ideas I’ve had for the exhibition. There are a very broad range of ideas which include an indoor garden inclusive of deck chairs, turf floor and ice cream machines, the idea being that we celebrate the summer season and create an environment in which people might gather. It also acknowledges that design does not have to be rigid, we too can embrace the quirks more closely related to other subjects within the art school.

Other ideas included the low budget helium balloon mounted boards, using the ceiling to provide more space and allowing the free movement of work with the natural air currents within the room.

Again the use of the ceiling can be seen with the inverted pyramid. This idea uses the notion of breaking boundaries to break up the space and make it seem that objects are breaking through the walls. These objects are then used to mount work and display information.

More traditionally the idea of using of projectors to create mock environments, such as kitchens, highstreets, hospitals and farms may provide a suitable backdrop to contextualise design concepts and inform visitors. Lighting may be an issue here, as projectors don’t tend to work well in lit environments.

I have included an idea of displaying profile cards, hung at head height to introduce the individuals presented within the show. From discussions, people seem keen that they receive personal recognition for their work, and they want to be recognised by potential employers.

As part of the research for this module, I collected information on every students major project, the environment in which they envisage it being used, and the title of their competition design brief for the next term. Around half of people said they were planning to do the toy design brief, and as such I believe it would be valuable to create a traditional playing environment, such as a play pen, to encourage interaction with the products in the show.


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