Discontentment and Other Developments…

During the last week there have been tensions building over the design of the space. It would appear that our winning ‘Three-Fold’ idea has pulled the group in two separate directions. Half the group seem content to take the winning design and adapt it, while the other seem strongly opposed to the idea, citing that it is not an efficient use of space or not suited to displaying the work. I am not personally insulted by the criticism given by those who don’t believe the design is suitable, on the contrary, I am heartened to see my peers so passionate. My only real concern is that this argument appears to be an issue which will continue to drag on until a line is drawn, and without a leader no line can be drawn. I have produced a plan this week to try and establish what projects each student is undertaking to try and find a way to group projects and recognise how many large model spaces we will need.


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