A Mixed Day…

Today was a scheduled exhibition meeting. Our tutor Richard was unfortunately absent with illness today, but we continued anyway, with the aim of resolving the issues of space design by ourselves. The session turned into a large heated debate, with the two separate lines of thought over the design, remaining as separate as the previous week. For around two hours we debated, shared ideas, showed each other CAD models, and attempted to find similarities. When finally the topic moved on to planning and structure, I announced to the group that I had some ideas and had produced a slideshow to explain them. My plan outlined a democratic structure with representatives for each design philosophy tutor group (Real, Right, and Possible) and a rep for each of the departments; Marketing, Finance, and Space. These collectively would produce the ‘committee’. I talked through the tasks I envisaged each group undertaking. I highlighted that, should I be elected to lead the group, I would work to ensure that all major decisions were made by the year group as a whole, in a fair manner. The role of the committee would be to decide on the issues to be discussed and to tie up any loose ends. I was heartened by the response to my presentation, and it appeared to have the effect of bringing the group back together. UPDATE: Richard later requested the presentation and used the structure to produce a plan for the roles for the following week. This included a committee system.


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