A Counter Design – Continued Discontentment…

This week has seen some very interesting developments. Although we are still without an official leader, the election is fast approaching (23rd of February). The individuals who are pushing to change the space design have produced a range of developments for the ‘Three-Fold’ design to show where the believe the flaws lay, along with a range of far simpler table designs without these flaws. New issues have been raised surrounding the ‘Three-Fold’ concept, these include the lack of height. We responded as a group by developing the design to show it in a portrait format, giving the unit greater height and a smaller footprint, but this had the result of reducing table space. The argument was then made that a lack of table space would restrict the number, and size, of models which can be displayed, along with the format in which work can be displayed in. With the new ideas emerging, I am beginning to recognise the potential shortcomings of the ‘Three-Fold’ design. We have access to tables, so using them as opposed to producing a triangle would reduce the amount of construction and material necessary. Use of table tops would also allow students more freedom, I am currently concerned that out ‘Three-Fold’ design lacks space for objects such as sketchbooks. I remain open minded, and I have lost count of the number of conversations I’ve had this week with regards to how the space should look. I suggested to those interested in using table tops instead of the triangle, that they produce a full scale mock-up so we could assess the design (as our ‘Three-Fold’ team had done in the previous week). I took part in assembling and assessing the new space, and was keen to remain impartial and analyse the reaction  of my peers. With my desire to become the leader of the group, I want to remain as impartial, positive, and fair as I can.

The design uses our metal desk legs. The tabletops are the back boards to our desks, removed and placed on top. The side paneling is made of two recycled boards, of which there are 150 available to us. All of the materials used for the construction were free and available to us for the show. The tabletop space visible here would be shared between three students.


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