Leadership Election…

This week I was voted to become the Exhibition Leader. A committee made up of ‘Real, Right and Possible’ Reps and Marketing, Finance and Space Reps were also elected. I am keen now to ensure that we push on with some decisions and ensure that everybody is represented. It is important to me that the decisions made are done so democratically, with everybody given an opportunity to suggest ideas. Without this, we risk alienating and annoying people unnecessarily. It is crucial that this is avoided, in order to ensure the process of creating the exhibition space is efficient as possible. my next thought surrounds roles. I don’t believe I should prevent people from working in the departments they want to work in. In the day or two after the election, the teams naturally began to form themselves around the reps, and soon every department had enough members to run effectively. It is my opinion that there is little point in forcing those who have yet aligned themselves with a department, to  do so. Those who have already aligned themselves with a department, are those who have consistently turned up to meetings. This number remains at around  seventeen people per week, or 46% of the year group. It doesn’t seem like a good idea to me to assign roles to the remaining 54% as it would be unpredictable to rely on them to turn up and complete the tasks assigned to them. Instead, my approach is to encourage those who are passionate to work in a group to do so to the best of their ability, this in turn I believe, will draw more people to join in.


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