Easter Break, Exhibition Preparation Continues

We are now into the Easter break and I have decided to put meetings on hold for the next two weeks. We are currently still waiting to hear back from uni with regards to the amount of money we will be given to put towards our show preparations. I have advised that people work on their bios, posting things to Twitter, and sending any other suggestions of invites to Becky until I call our next meeting in a couple of weeks time.


Meeting with the Dean

I had a meeting with the Dean today, and she has asked us to put our plans for our industry night on hold for a couple of weeks. She is currently in discussion with a big design forum group in London who have expressed an interest in coming to Cardiff to hold a design event. If she and this design group are able to come to an agreement, then it may mean that the forum be held in our building in the week of the degree show. It therefore makes sense that all industry related events coincide with this event. The dean is keen that the uni as a whole hold one big industry event to accompany this. As such we need to wait to see what she can come up with in terms of a date. I’ll be in touch with her again next week, but for now we’ll see what she comes up with.

I relayed this information to the group and it was agreed that it would be best to put our own plans for an industry night on hold in order to establish whether we might be able to hold a bigger event in conjunction with our own degree show.

Spacers and Volume

IMG_0014 (1)

This is evidence that my latest design development has a minimum volume of 100ml. I checked this by filling the Spacer with water and pouring this into a measuring jug. My research has shown that there is no advantage in having a spacer which is 1litre in volume compared to a spacer of 1/10th of that, but that a minimum of 100ml is the norm in terms of existing design.

RSA Boards

These are the boards I submitted to the RSA competition.


I have looked at the scale of wrists in children aged five to seven. This model shows the desired diameter of the wristband so it would fit 95% of wrists for that age range.


Aerosol Fixture in Inhaler Body

I have 3D printed this rig to establish which diameter of hole is necessary in order for the aerosol valve to fit snugly into the inhaler body. It is vital that this fit be tight enough to ensure that the aerosol chamber doesn’t fall out but can be removed my hand when it is empty.

Sponsorship Success

Today has been very successful. Santander have agreed to give us £600 towards the cost of our marketing. We have in return agreed to feature their logos on our flyers and on our show website. This money will be put towards printing leaflets and a catalogue flyer for the show.

Alongside this, we have agreed terms with FabLab which means that in return for allowing them a space to exhibit in our degree show and some advertising, we are able to use their facilities at no cost.

The website is coming along nicely. Thanks to the hard work of Adam Humphrey the website has been made on Tumblr and is being hosted for free. A link can be found here: http://www.realrightpossible.co.uk/

a couple of weeks ago we had our photos taken in the photography studios, and along with our bios and some project renders the website is looking very professional.