A Few Developments in the Exhibition.

Over the last few weeks I’ve been adapting to the leadership role I was elected into. This has been a very informative experience to date. Initially I felt an increase in pressure, which I put down to three things; my own expectations, the expectations of my peers, and adapting to work with both two of my own projects and working towards the exhibition.

Over the last weeks I have held numerous meetings, year group meetings on Mondays and Tesdays, where we discuss general issues and hold votes, and Thursday meetings where I meet with the committee to discuss how we might go about confronting upcoming next issues. Recent issues have included changing the way which we will present our designs (we have decided as a group to create a ribbon like system of three tables.) Themes, colours and textures for the show, entrance designs, industry night.

I decided that the best way to keep everybody in the loop and engaged in the show development was to post a list of minutes and outcomes form every meeting on Facebook. I have started posting these on here for people to see too.


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