Committee Meeting Minutes – March 7th

These Minutes cover all the topics discussed during the committee meeting. Those issues marked with a ‘VOTE’ icon are topics which I have decided need to be voted on during a whole year group meeting. I am keen to meet the Dean soon in order to discuss our ideas and keep her in the loop. As with the other tutors, I believe the Dean’s input is extremely valluable.

– Bank account has been set up
– Fundraising, kickstarter?

Industry night:
VOTE) Cocktails? Real/Right/Possible names?
– Emma knows bartender (Lauren)
VOTE) Possibility of ‘Orangebox’ projects being shown?
VOTE) Student: Industry ratio discussed (should we have a rota?)
VOTE) Countdown for ‘live show’.
– Work not to be seen online until show is open.

– Catalogue; numbers discussed (150? 70 for industry, 80 for personal use
– Catalogue could be sent to any industry not able to attend.
– Meeting on Thursday for logo and layout
VOTE) logo design vote on Monday

– Database of contacts set up (ongoing)
– Personal contacts should be used where possible, with a standardised format/invite
– Glass box designs
– Meeting on Friday for detailed designs

Extended Show:
VOTE) Where?
– Visit to Milenium Plaza next week

-Richard and Petra to swap days 16th and 17th
– 8 weeks until setup

By Monday/Tuesday:

-Space specs for allocation

– Guest list for individuals

-Logo and Layout designs for vote

-Entrance/glass box designs

-Glass box vote

By Thursday:


– Document of budget

– Setup bank account


– Final Design; materials, tech spec, virtual prototype

– 4th banner and glass box designs


– Logo

– Identity

– Plan for invites

– Contact ADT

– E-mail setup

– Facebook exhibition page


– Meeting with Dean

– Detailed schedule


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