Social Networking Presence

I was very keen we have a good social networking presence, so I had a chat with Adam Davies earlier this week. Adam has a good Twitter presence himself, and I believe his skills could be put to good use in order to attract some publicity to our show.

Here is the post I put on Facebook announcing that Adam had agreed to being in charge of the Twitter account:

In order to draw as much interest as possible we are setting up an exhibition Twitter account which will be run by Adam Davies. Adam will be drawing on things that we post online to update the blog, as well as looking to be retweeted by people with lots of followers.

As such everybody needs to do the following:

– Everybody needs to set up a twitter account for their design persona only, don’t use your personal twitter account and post the addresses as a comment here. Updates, such as images or comments on project progress should be posted on here regularly.

– Everybody needs to be posting project work to their wordpress blogs and linking these updates to their twitter feeds.

– Everybody needs to set up a Linkedin account which is essentially a business CV networking website. These Linkedin accounts can also be linked to the Twitter account.

Within a few hours of posting this, I noticed an increase in followers on my own Twitter and a number of Linkedin friendship requests. I’m hoping people will remain engaged and we will create a buzz around our show.


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