Moving Spaces

Today marked the first major step in the construction of our exhibition. After a short pitch to the 1st and 2nd years, we began the move. Thanks to good cooperation and team working we were able to get the job done fairly quickly and efficiently.  The consequent large open space we now have to construct in is quite daunting but very exciting.


Space Team

Pre-Construction Space Team Meeting.


Asthma Facts Video

Year Meeting – 20th April

Today I held the first meeting in a couple of weeks. Having had a discussion with the Finance team earlier in the week, it is apparent that we need more money. The construction has come in slightly over the planned budget. I presented an idea that each of us give £10 towards the construction and this seemed to be well accepted by the group. A large proportion of the group have paid in the same afternoon. There is a sense of urgency around the studio. I think the majority of people are getting the sense that we are approaching the home straight in terms of finishing our own work and the exhibition. I hope that we can keep everybody focused on the exhibition to the necessary extent over the coming weeks.

Construction Budget

We have been awarded a budget of £1000 by the university to put towards our construction costs. The budgeting from the Space team suggests that this money should cover the cost of construction. We will however need to raise some more funds to cover our marketing costs and any other hospitality. There have been a few ideas of how we might be able to raise this. Ideas include looking for sponsorship from Santander or companies we have worked with in the past. Another idea is to each give £10 towards the show  by way of contribution.

Clinical Innovation Event


Yesterday I attended a Clinical Innovation event at Mountain Ash. Hosted by Judith Hall, the event was very interesting and involved a number of Medical Professionals, Scientists, Computer Scientists and Designers presenting their ideas and issues in the hope of finding partners to work with.

I was able to discuss my design with a number of people at the event, and one individual in particular seemed keen to have a follow up meeting to see whether we might be able to work together on a commercial venture.