My first major contribution was as part of the design team (alongside Becky, Angleo and Huw). We developed the initial winning exhibition design; ‘Three-Fold’. I came up with the initial triangular theme idea and we developed the design as a closely knit team.

My role has been to Manage and oversee all elements of the Exhibition set up, having being voted into the role by my peers. I came up with the democratic structure myself, designing a system with three departments (Space, Finance and Marketing) and representatives for each of the design groups (Real, Right, Possible) which made up a committee headed by myself. This system has proved very effective at ensuring all issues have been addressed quickly and with maximum efficiency.

As part of my leadership campaign I highlighted that all decisions would be made fairly and democratically and that all ideas would be considered. This is a philosophy that I am proud to say I have carried throughout the process of managing the exhibition. All major decisions were debated between the whole year group and I ensured that everybody was given a vote on all major matters.

I have managed the week-on-week running of the exhibition setup and ensured that roles and responsibilities be given to those best suited to the roles and those keen to engage with the show.  This has involved planning (with the help of Becky) and running weekly committee and year meetings, meeting with the Dean, meetings with Chris Dennis (School Administrator), having one-on-one and group meetings with every department (Space, Marketing and Finance), liaising with staff, liaising with reps and helping each group with their work (such as helping Becky sorting out invitations, providing creative suggestions to both Space and Marketing teams). Diplomacy, planning and organisation have been key to my role and I have grown into the role effectively. I have enjoyed the experience and believe I have been successful in my leadership role.

Further to this, I have pitched in with hard manual work. During the construction period I was among around fifteen students who stayed late into the evening to ensure that the show be set up in time. Roles during this period have included constructing and lifting the overhangs, painting, filling and sanding the tables, and arranging and moving the space to enable 1st, 2nd and 3rd years to work effectively.

cnstruction team


Spiritus – How It Works VIDEO ANIMATION

Twoodle Textures Video

This video I put together illustrates the three textures I have included in my design. Here you can see how someone might interact with each of the materials through touch to benefit in the classroom environment.

Storyboard – Spiritus Inhaler

Final Renders – Twoodle

Exhibition Set-up

I have planned to hang my inhaler development designs from the wiring grate in a chronological order so as to highlight my design process. I feel that the body of my work is what will give me the best opportunity of recognition by potential employers. This process, in my opinion, is one of the most valuable things I have learnt during my time at Cardiff School of Art and Design and is the backbone of my design philosophy.

User Testing – Spiritus Inhaler

User testing using my final design has proven successful. With the minimum of instructions, Anna was able to use the device correctly. The feedback on the scale and ergonomics of the device were positive. I will use these images and others to produce a storyboard, detailing the way in which the device is used.