Construction Commences

Construction has begun!! The first components have been CNC’d by Gerry and his Space team and the guys have started to put the first table together.

Angelo has also completed the leaflet design and the invite design is coming together. The invite will consist of a laser cut card in the shape of the Art School building.

We are now only a month from the start of the show. I feel that during the next few weeks we will see how capable everybody is at applying themselves to teamwork. In order to ensure the next stage in the process is a success, it is vital that everybody is able to make time to pitch in to the hard construction work. I continue to pitch in with elements of all the show. I feel my key role in the coming weeks is to ensure that the team continues to work hard towards our shared goal, without any major bust ups or fall outs. Diplomacy and counterargument becomes increasingly difficult as people become more stressed with their own work, but there seems to be a strong central team who are consistently hard working and provide maximum input to the show.


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