Curved Overhangs

IMG_0172Tonight the first two overhangs have been put in place. We had a fairly good turn out and forward planning ensured that all health and safety precautions were taken. We decided that lifting and lowering the structure over the balcony was the  best way to position the curves, this proved the correct choice. Tomorrow we plan to put the central overhang into position. This will be the most complicated as the concrete column runs right through the centre of the curve. I feel that the same committed group are consistently helping with the construction, as part of this team I feel that the experience is beneficial as it is teaching me how to cope with high stress and tiring situations where teamwork and communication is essential to success and safety. We are now just a handful of days from the end of our allotted construction period. It’s tense and I’m doing everything I can to encourage people come and help.


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