Storyboard – Spiritus Inhaler


Final Design Boards

A sample of the boards which I have produced for both Viva Voce and table top presentations.

Asthma Facts Video

Spacers and Volume

IMG_0014 (1)

This is evidence that my latest design development has a minimum volume of 100ml. I checked this by filling the Spacer with water and pouring this into a measuring jug. My research has shown that there is no advantage in having a spacer which is 1litre in volume compared to a spacer of 1/10th of that, but that a minimum of 100ml is the norm in terms of existing design.

Aerosol Fixture in Inhaler Body

I have 3D printed this rig to establish which diameter of hole is necessary in order for the aerosol valve to fit snugly into the inhaler body. It is vital that this fit be tight enough to ensure that the aerosol chamber doesn’t fall out but can be removed my hand when it is empty.

Collapsing Design


This render illustrates the collapsible inhaler and Spacer idea.

Models – Virtual and Physical (From Last Term)