Second Year Project: OrangeBox, Office Furniture – Part One, First Development.

For this project we started with a visit to the OrangeBox factory to gain an insight into the design and manufacturing processes used to produce high end office furniture. The trip also gave us an opportunity to learn more about the image and style of OrangeBox’s designs, and to see what role the designers have in the company. We were briefed on the project and it was clear that both the Product Design tutours, and the designers at OrnageBox wanted us to take the opportunity to consider the developing working environment and future office culture. This series of boards shows my first set of concept developments after producing a vast number of initial ideas. I presented my initial ideas to my tutour and OrangeBox and they advised me to develop ideas in this direction. I was giving very positive feedback and some small pieces of creative criticism after presenting them with these boards at a later date.