Spiritus – How It Works VIDEO ANIMATION


Storyboard – Spiritus Inhaler

User Testing – Spiritus Inhaler

User testing using my final design has proven successful. With the minimum of instructions, Anna was able to use the device correctly. The feedback on the scale and ergonomics of the device were positive. I will use these images and others to produce a storyboard, detailing the way in which the device is used.

Final Design Boards

A sample of the boards which I have produced for both Viva Voce and table top presentations.

Collaboration – Spiritus Inhaler


Final Arduino Rig

This final Arduino Rig shows all the functions. I have programmed this using only a few  guides from online and from a book.

Micro Arduino

I have purchased a Micro Arduino in order to create the electronic functions for my inhaler model. Although it’s a little more fiddly than the larger Arduino, this should give me all the functions I need at a fraction of the size. Along with a rechargeable coin battery module, I should be able to fit all of these components inside the body of my inhaler, and in theory make it function completely.

IMG_0043 (1)